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Community Solar Challenge

The Community Solar Challenge 2007-2008 was a huge success with several communities earning free solar panels.  The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative also matched tens of thousands of dollars back to communities across the Commonwealth for clean energy programs thanks to members of New England Wind Fund. We are working hard on the Solar Challenge for 2008-2009!

MayorMayor Menino of Boston and students view solar panels installed at the Boston Arts Academy because of Clean Energy Choice Matching Funds.

Step 1.  150 households or businesses in your town make qualifying contributions to the New England Wind Fund by June 30, 2009.

Result:  All the money goes to support clean energy wind turbine projects in New England. 

Step 2. The Mass Technology Collaborative (MTC) pays for buying and installing a 2kW solar array for an municipal or school building in your town.

Result:  The town saves money on electricity costs, creates fewer greenhouse gases, and helps New England take steps towards energy independence and away from global warming!  

Join by June 30, 2009 to earn matching grants for your community!

When you fill in your information on our secure join page or mail in a form, your community is automatically credited.

To start the challenge in your community or if you have questions about this promotion or New England Wind Fund, contact Kelly or call 617-524-3950 ex 150.

The following communities have won the solar bonus challenge!

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